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The IngeniousIO cloud-based Owner's Representative module provides firms with an application that manages all aspects of your projects including your sales pipeline, budgeting, project management, construction administration and sharing critical up-to-date information regarding the project with your owner client.

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Easy. Fast. Efficient.

Owner Collaboration

Real-time sharing of program and project dashboards with your clients.


Track original budget against actuals and have immediate access to the cause of variances and changes.


Manage funding sources, land procurement, budgets, projects and schedule for your client’s master developments.

Real-time progress

Gain access to photos from the field, daily progress reports including percentage complete and real-time visibility into the BIM model.

Project Management

Reduce the number of applications needed to support your client’s projects and project teams.

Construction Administration

Improve efficiencies with automated approval workflows and notifications for timesheets, RFIs, submittals and change orders.

IngeniousIO is not a document management system.

Everything is data driven, meaning that project participants have access to real-time analytics. This allows stakeholders to gain true insight into project performance and to make the right decisions at the right time.

Sheets Management.

Extraordinarily Productive.

Made Easy

OCR technology makes sheets easily searchable and available to project participants immediately. From annotation to directional references – we handle it all.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Use your Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop in the office or outside.

Application Features

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Immediate access to real-time program and project information that allow project participants and executives to make the correct decision

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Track budgets, costs and variances across multiple projects

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Track leads to wins while providing critical information regarding your sales pipeline and forecast

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Create budgets and track variances based on actual work completed

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Integration with A360 and stand-alone rendering. Share Revit models with all project participants

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Digital Specifications

OCR Specifications to translate into data organized sections. Bind and search for materials out of your material database

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Manage and track status of the RFP process from one central location

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Fully integrate information from the RFP and bidding process to create winning proposals

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Bid Management

Send invitations to bid on projects and compare bids received using bid-leveling functionality

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Digital Contracting

Utilize standard templates to manage contracting with downstream and upstream project participants including redline markup and version control

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Timeline Gantt

Overlay owner, design and construction timelines to get an accurate understanding of schedule, variances and critical path

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Resource Planning

Manage and view employee, equipment, and material requests and schedules

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Progress Reporting

Automated timesheets to progress completion with tasks including weather capture

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Workflow helps answer RFIs quickly to turn them into actions

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Add Service Request / Change Orders Submittals

Digitally share submittals and even annotate directly on manufacture handbook attachments

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Track time from the office or field via the IngeniosIO app and tie directly to the right RFP or project

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Expense management

Full automation of expense reporting. Ties directly to the project that is being managed through IngeniousIO

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Keep track of issues and general tasks, highlight overdue items, and add notes, pictures and other attachments to report on progress

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Control budgets, view job cost, manage bills and invoices, and track and process expenses

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Reduce your per user technology spend by as much as 90% with IngeniousIO.

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Document Storage

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Proposal Management

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Bid Management

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Sheets Management

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Project Management

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Resource Management

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Project Scheduling

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Construction Management

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Timesheet Management

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Expense Management

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